cPanel hosting

cPanel hosting is a control panel system for web hosting automation, i.e. managing hosting packages.

It allows you to easily manage your domains, email addresses, FTP accounts, statistics, etc.

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Package CPanel 1 CPanel 2 CPanel 3 CPanel 4
Platform Linux Linux Linux Linux
Internet traffic (GB per month) 100 250 500 1000
Free hard disk space (MB) 500 1500 2500 5000
No. of domains 5 10 20 50
No. of subdomains unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
No. of email accounts 1 50 200 500
No. of email lists 1 5
No. of databases unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
No. of parked domains 10
20 50 100
No. of FTP accounts 5 10 20 50
Free AutoSSL
Brute Force Protection
Two-Factor Authentication
Email forwarding
antivirus and antispam
Visit statistics
DNS administrations
PHP5.6 and PHP7
MySQL 5.5
Apache web server
Word Press
cost per year (including VAT) 1,200 2,400 3,600 4,800

* Free AutoSSL (verified domain, DV) provide by cPanel and Comodo

cPanel is the world's leading manufacturer of server administration software. Click here for cPanel user support.

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