Prepaid - Using a VoIP prepaid account

How to use VoIPPrepaid

  • Make a fixed line call from the Telekom network to 0800 19 21 21 (freephone numbering) and follow the instructions given by the voice machine (the only requirement for using this service is that your phone uses tone dialing i.e. DTMF).
  • If your phone is set to pulse dialing, press the asterisk key (*) on your phone before you begin entering your account number.
  • Enter your account number, then press the pound key (#) on your phone.
  • Dial the desired number in the international format, leaving out the international code (for example, instead of '001604xxx' for Canada, dial '1604xxx').
  • When you finish dialing the number, press the pound key (#) on your phone.
  • Charging is per second.
  • While the connection is being established, you cannot always hear the call control (although you can't hear the dialing tone,┬áthe recipient will still answer the call after a short while).

For more information, contact us via email or directly by phone at (011) 333 0 333.

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