• Down/up speeds from 5/1 mbps to 20/1 mbps
  • Unlimited (FLAT) Internet access & download
  • Free public static IP address
  • Free 1-year license for Kaspersky AV Personal
  • Free-of-charge use of premium modem/router


* Note:

  • Equipment fully supports ADSL, ADSL2, and ADSL2+ standards, enabling speeds of up to 24 Mbps and eliminating the need for switching the equipment
  • Direct Internet access from all Ethernet enabled devices (IP surveillance cameras, video servers, network printers, etc.)
  • Simple web interface for configuration settings for all OS versions; local network configuration with a powerful hardware firewall providing full system security; allows multiple users to share a single IP address on the same ADSL connection; data IP routing with support for NAPT, DHCP, and DNS; access to modem/router via Telnet; possibility of maintaining and administering local area networks via Internet through a VPN connection


  • Includes: Installation of ADSL lines; splitter & ADSL router/modem (USB, Ethernet); additional services included in the selected ADSL package (VoIP account, etc.).

User may use the equipment free of charge and is obliged to submit:

  • Signed Annex to the ADSL Agreement and the following documents:
    • Natural persons: Original or photocopy of ID card; latest paid phone bill for the telephone number used for the ADSL service
    • Legal entities: Photocopy of the registration certificate from the Business Register; tax identification number (VAT)

Note: Initial setup cost is charged only in case of loss (Annex to the ADSL Agreement - 4.2) or damage of equipment (8,000 RSD – price is the same for all ADSL packs).

We offer ADSL or ADSL Plus .

Note: ADSL is a prepaid service charged in advance for the next month, where payment is due on the 20th of every month.