About us

BITS Internet Service Provider began in April 1993 with the intent to connect Serbia to the 'information highway'.

In the beginning we used the JUPAK network with a public packet network, and also tried renting international postal channels, which proved to be inadequate for this type of traffic. Finally, satellite connection came out as the only solution that happened to meet both technical and financial conditions.

Our first VSAT station was put into operation in 1996. It was connected to the world's largest Internet Service provider UUNET, USA.

In 1997, second VSAT station was put into operation in Podgorica, with which Montenegro was connected to the Internet via companies Internet Crna Gora and DIGEX USA.

Stations in Podgorica and Belgrade were connected with a leased terrestrial channel, so that BITS*net was the only ISP in the FRY with a redundant connection to the Internet.

Today we have three Ethernet links to the Internet. Our system is designed so that it prevents congested links.

If you need a fast & secure high quality Internet access at a highly reasonable price, you've come to the right place.