News server

Usenet is a network of publicly available servers, allowing reading and posting of messages via NNTP protocol. News servers are used for storing messages that are available to anyone who wants to read them. You can both post messages and read them directly on the server. In addition to text messages, you can also post pictures or upload e-books, programs, etc.

Outlook Express is the most popular free email and news client that is included with Windows OS. Other popular programs include Forte Agent, Microplanet Gravity, News Xpres, etc.

Regardless of their connection type, all our clients can share information with other users of this service all around the world. The number of available newsgroups (currently about 102,000) is continuously growing.

Our news server is located at


Email Client Configuration Guide (for Outlook Express)

  1. Start Outlook Express, then from the Tools menu, select Accounts.


  1.  In the Internet Accounts window, go to the News tab. Select Add, then click News.


  1. Enter your first and your last name in the Display name field and click Next.


  1. In the E-mail address field, enter you email address and click Next.


  1. In the News (NNTP) server field, enter '', then click Next.


  1. Click Finish on the setup confirmation page.

When you close the settings window, the message Would you like to download newsgroups from the news account you added? appears. Select Yes.

The list of available newsgroups is displayed. Select the newsgroups you wish to subscribe to from the list and click Subscribe.