Server housing

Servers are located in Serbia (Belgrade) and response time (ping) below 1ms to all relevant ISP in Serbia.

For server rental fees, see table below. (User will provide all the necessary equipment, i.e. the server.)


Equipment Setup Monthly fee
Server Housing – 1U 11,400.00 RSD 11,400.00 RSD


Monthly fee includes 1024GB of data in total (download + upload). Exceeding transfer limits will be charged accordingly. If the traffic is higher, the flow is calculated with the 6 dinars for each commenced GB.


Basic package

  • 1 static IP address
  • 1 Gbps link to our network (RJ45)
  • 24/7 connection monitoring
  • Air-conditioned Data Center
  • Continuous battery operation
  • 55 KVA diesel generator


Additional options Monthly fee (in RSD)
Additional IP address 600.00
Server administration 22,800.00
2U server 11,400.00


Note: Prices are VAT inclusive. All prices are the same for natural and legal entities.

Payment is made on monthly basis. Note that you are encouraged to monitor your data transfer usage.

For more information, contact us via email or directly by phone at (011) 333 0 333.

Please submit the Application Form Data/Images/pdfikonica1.png in person, by email or snail mail.

You may also want to take a look at the Server Housing Agreement – General Conditions Data/Images/pdfikonica1.png.