Audio streaming

Development of modern communication and information services has made possible unlimited transfer and global access to information. Audio streaming will help you atract more visitors by improving multimedia performance and making best use of computer technology.

This service allows you to build an online audio streaming platform, i.e. to setup an Internet radio station in an easy and simple way.

Technical requirements for audio streaming

  • Computer with a preinstalled OS and a sound card + basic set of relevant programs (minimum)
  • Audio encoding program of choice installed
  • Permanent Internet access (with a recommended minimum speed of 128 kbps)

We recommend choosing our ADSL2+ package with a minimum upload speed of 512 kbps.


Audio server setup is free of charge.

Monthly fee varies depending on stream quality and number of users connected (see table below).

of users
Stream 32kbps Stream 64kbps Stream 96kbps Stream 128kbps Stream 256kbps
less than 50 696.00 RSD 1,080 RSD 1,440 RSD 2,280 RSD 4,200 RSD
less than 100 1,200 RSD 1,800 RSD 2,760 RSD 4,200 RSD 7,200 RSD
less than 200 2,400 RSD 3,600 RSD 5,400 RSD 8,160 RSD 14,400 RSD

Note: Prices are VAT inclusive. All prices are the same for natural and legal entities.

The USER agrees to publish only approved and acceptable media content in compliance with applicable Laws and Regulations and with permit from legal authorities. The USER also obliges to respect intellectual property and author's rights and will regulate reproduction and distribution rights with intellectual property rights holders prior to publishing multimedia content on their website. USER will be solely responsible for unauthorized disclosure of protected content.

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